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This year we have the great opportunity to expand the Animastaff project. The youth centers Dippech and Soleuvre offer training to train a new team of animators.

Information meeting


Training dates


Registration for the animastaff training


To learn more about the Animastaff project, an information meeting will be organized a few weeks before the training date.

If you are interested in this adventure, you can definitely sign up for the project at the end of the meeting.


Registration conditions *


  • be motivated

  • Guarantee a commitment and a certain availability over 1 year

  • 15 years to 26 years old

  • 50 € Registration Bail (refunded at the end of the training)

  • Make a membership card of 3 € (valid for one year participation in the project)

  • Participation in 2 training weekends is compulsory



* To participate in the Animastaff project, it is obligatory to participate in the basic training, for anyone with or without an animator diploma.




  • Practical experience in various areas of animation

  • Earn small pocket money

  • Make contacts

  • Exchange with peers

  • Access to the certificate of animator (SNJ)

  • Free training and certificate

  • Guarantee of regular missions

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